A directory traversal vulnerability in was discovered which allows remote authenticated users to bypass intended SecurityManager restrictions and list a parent directory via a /.. (slash dot dot) in a pathname used by a web application in a getResource, getResourceAsStream, or getResourcePaths call. (CVE-2015-5174 )A session fixation vulnerability was discovered that might allow remote attackers to hijack web sessions by leveraging use of a requestedSessionSSL field for an unintended request when different session settings are used for deployments of multiple versions of the same web application. (CVE-2015-5346 )It was found that the expression language resolver evaluated expressions within a privileged code section. A malicious web application could use this flaw to bypass security manager protections. (CVE-2014-7810 )

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The constraints below list the versions that this vulnerability is patched in, and versions that are unaffected. If a patch is ready but unrealeased, then it is pending.

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Affected package information

Package Patched in
tomcat7 tomcat7-7.0.67-1.13.amzn1.noarch
tomcat7 tomcat7-7.0.67-1.13.amzn1.src
tomcat7-admin-webapps tomcat7-admin-webapps-7.0.67-1.13.amzn1.noarch
tomcat7-docs-webapp tomcat7-docs-webapp-7.0.67-1.13.amzn1.noarch
tomcat7-el-2.2-api tomcat7-el-2.2-api-7.0.67-1.13.amzn1.noarch
tomcat7-javadoc tomcat7-javadoc-7.0.67-1.13.amzn1.noarch
tomcat7-jsp-2.2-api tomcat7-jsp-2.2-api-7.0.67-1.13.amzn1.noarch
tomcat7-lib tomcat7-lib-7.0.67-1.13.amzn1.noarch
tomcat7-log4j tomcat7-log4j-7.0.67-1.13.amzn1.noarch
tomcat7-servlet-3.0-api tomcat7-servlet-3.0-api-7.0.67-1.13.amzn1.noarch
tomcat7-webapps tomcat7-webapps-7.0.67-1.13.amzn1.noarch