CVE-2017-8779 rpcbind


rpcbind through 0.2.4, LIBTIRPC through 1.0.1 and 1.0.2-rc through 1.0.2-rc3, and NTIRPC through 1.4.3 do not consider the maximum RPC data size during memory allocation for XDR strings, which allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (memory consumption with no subsequent free) via a crafted UDP packet to port 111, aka rpcbomb.

Am I vulnerable?

The constraints below list the versions that this vulnerability is patched in, and versions that are unaffected. If a patch is ready but unrealeased, then it is pending.

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Affected package information

Release Package Patched in
buster rpcbind 0.2.3-0.6
jessie rpcbind 0.2.1-6+deb8u2
sid rpcbind 0.2.3-0.6
stretch rpcbind 0.2.3-0.6
wheezy rpcbind 0.2.0-8+deb7u2