CVE-2017-7493 qemu-kvm


2017-12-29 22:44
CVE-2017-7493 qemu
2017-06-16 18:42
2017-05-31 08:03
2017-05-27 05:03
2017-05-19 05:03
2017-05-17 13:03


Quick Emulator (Qemu) built with the VirtFS, host directory sharing via Plan 9 File System(9pfs) support, is vulnerable to an improper access control issue. It could occur while accessing virtfs metadata files in mapped-file security mode. A guest user could use this flaw to escalate their privileges inside guest.

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Affected package information

Release Package Patched in
wheezy qemu-kvm 1.1.2+dfsg-6+deb7u22