Important CentOS netpbm Update


netpbm-10.35.58-8.el4.i386.rpm, netpbm-10.35.58-8.el4.src.rpm, netpbm-10.35.58-8.el4.x86_64.rpm, netpbm-10.35.58-8.el5_7.3.i386.rpm, netpbm-10.35.58-8.el5_7.3.src.rpm, netpbm-10.35.58-8.el5_7.3.x86_64.rpm, netpbm-devel-10.35.58-8.el4.i386.rpm, netpbm-devel-10.35.58-8.el4.x86_64.rpm, netpbm-devel-10.35.58-8.el5_7.3.i386.rpm, netpbm-devel-10.35.58-8.el5_7.3.x86_64.rpm, netpbm-progs-10.35.58-8.el4.i386.rpm, netpbm-progs-10.35.58-8.el4.x86_64.rpm, netpbm-progs-10.35.58-8.el5_7.3.i386.rpm, netpbm-progs-10.35.58-8.el5_7.3.x86_64.rpm
CVE-2009-4274, CVE-2011-4516, CVE-2011-4517,,,,
2017-07-27 19:03
CVE-2011-4517 ghostscript
CVE-2011-4516 ghostscript
CVE-2009-4274 netpbm-free
CVE-2011-4517 jasper
CVE-2011-4516 jasper
2017-04-01 19:05
2017-01-05 20:09


Updated netpbm packages that fix three security issues are now available
for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and 5.

The Red Hat Security Response Team has rated this update as having
important security impact. Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) base
scores, which give detailed severity ratings, are available for each
vulnerability from the CVE links in the References section.

The netpbm packages contain a library of functions which support programs
for handling various graphics file formats, including .pbm (Portable Bit
Map), .pgm (Portable Gray Map), .pnm (Portable Any Map), .ppm (Portable
Pixel Map), and others.

Two heap-based buffer overflow flaws were found in the embedded JasPer
library, which is used to provide support for Part 1 of the JPEG 2000 image
compression standard in the jpeg2ktopam and pamtojpeg2k tools. An attacker
could create a malicious JPEG 2000 compressed image file that could cause
jpeg2ktopam to crash or, potentially, execute arbitrary code with the
privileges of the user running jpeg2ktopam. These flaws do not affect
pamtojpeg2k. (CVE-2011-4516, CVE-2011-4517)

A stack-based buffer overflow flaw was found in the way the xpmtoppm tool
processed X PixMap (XPM) image files. An attacker could create a malicious
XPM file that would cause xpmtoppm to crash or, potentially, execute
arbitrary code with the privileges of the user running xpmtoppm.

Red Hat would like to thank Jonathan Foote of the CERT Coordination Center
for reporting the CVE-2011-4516 and CVE-2011-4517 issues.

All users of netpbm are advised to upgrade to these updated packages,
which contain backported patches to correct these issues.
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Affected package information

Release Package Patched in
4 netpbm netpbm-10.35.58-8.el4.i386.rpm
netpbm netpbm-10.35.58-8.el4.src.rpm
netpbm netpbm-10.35.58-8.el4.x86_64.rpm
netpbm-devel netpbm-devel-10.35.58-8.el4.x86_64.rpm
netpbm-devel netpbm-devel-10.35.58-8.el4.i386.rpm
netpbm-progs netpbm-progs-10.35.58-8.el4.x86_64.rpm
netpbm-progs netpbm-progs-10.35.58-8.el4.i386.rpm
5 netpbm netpbm-10.35.58-8.el5_7.3.x86_64.rpm
netpbm netpbm-10.35.58-8.el5_7.3.i386.rpm
netpbm netpbm-10.35.58-8.el5_7.3.src.rpm
netpbm-devel netpbm-devel-10.35.58-8.el5_7.3.i386.rpm
netpbm-devel netpbm-devel-10.35.58-8.el5_7.3.x86_64.rpm
netpbm-progs netpbm-progs-10.35.58-8.el5_7.3.x86_64.rpm
netpbm-progs netpbm-progs-10.35.58-8.el5_7.3.i386.rpm